Taste The Best Barbacoa in San Antonio

At Papi’s, we believe you should start your morning with a great breakfast.

Papi's Barbacoa and Big Red, Tamales, Flour Tortillas, and Corn Tortillas

Delicious Food

Trusted Over 20 Years

Family-Owned & Operated

Ever ruined your morning with:

Cold food?

Bland tamales?

Greasy barbacoa?

Bad Tortillas?

Don’t let a disappointing breakfast wreck your day.

Give your family the best barbacoa, menudo, and tamales!

San Antonio’s Favorite Barbacoa

Most places just want you to buy their food and leave.


We want you to enjoy your food and come back for more!

That’s why we offer FREE Charro Beans!

Papi’s Barbacoa

We started Papi’s to bring family together with great barbacoa.

We know what it’s like when bad barbacoa messes up your morning. We’ve been frustrated finding the best barbacoa place that’ll give our family the best breakfast.

Papi’s Barbacoa was founded by Noe Pineda Sr with decades of experience in the barbacoa industry. Now, the Pineda Family brings other families together with great barbacoa, hot menudo, and delicious tamales!

You can get great barbacoa from two of our locations:

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3 Easy Steps to the Best Barbacoa

1. Come to Papi's

There’s two Papi’s so pick the closest one to you! Find your nearest Papi’s!

2. Get your food

Get your barbacoa, menudo, and tamales! Don’t forget your FREE BEANS!

3. Enjoy!

Enjoy the best barbacoa in San Antonio with your family!


Barbacoa and Big Red

Papi's Barbacoa, Big Red, Tortillas, and Salsas

At Papi’s, we make three kinds of barbacoa:

All Meat

Our cleaned meat. The most popular!


Our fatty, juicy meat. The most flavorful!


Our cow tongue. Our rarest meat!

The Best Menudo Near You!

Unlike other places, our menudo has flavor and packs a punch! Whether you’re hungover or craving something hot, this beef tripe and pozole soup has the spice you need to jumpstart your morning!

The Best Menudo Near You by Papi's Barbacoa
Delicious Tamales by Papi's Barbacoa

Delicious Tamales

Your search for the best tamales in San Antonio ends here. At Papi’s we use our secret family recipe that has made us a local favorite. 

Come see why our customers love our tamales!


Your FREE Charro Beans!

Only at Papi’s you get a FREE sample of our delicious charro beans.


We only use the Best Tortillas in San Antonio!

At Papi’s Barbacoa, we only use tortillas from our tortilleria, La Luz Tortilla Factory, because they’re the best tortillas in San Antonio.

La Luz Tortillas at Papi's Barbacoa


Come to Papi’s Today for the Best Barbacoa in San Antonio!