Papi’s Barbacoa

We make great barbacoa, guaranteed!

Papi’s Barbacoa Mission:

Our mission is to give the people of San Antonio the best barbacoa so their family can start their weekend with a great breakfast.

Papi standing in front of the Original Papi's Barbacoa

Meet Papi

It all started with family…

Noe Pineda Sr (Papi) and Maggie Pineda founded Papi’s Barbacoa back in 2001 with hopes of making enough to provide for their family of nine (yes, 9 children).

Although they were only open on the weekends, Papi woke up every morning at 4am for his day job and his newly opened business on the weekend.


The Pineda Family

With the help of his children…

Papi’s became a local favorite with great barbacoa, hot spicy menudo, delicious tamales, and free samples of charro beans!

The Pineda Family worked so hard to make Papi’s a success.

With Maggie working as a realtor and taking care of the kids full-time while Papi grinding at his full-time job AND running Papi’s Barbacoa, the previous owners of La Luz Tortilla Factory took notice and offered to sell the business to them!

Without knowing how to make tortillas, Papi and his wife took that chance!

Now, the Pineda Family has TWO Papi’s Barbacoa AND La Luz Tortilla Factory!

Papi's Children at Papi's Barbacoa

3 Easy Steps to the Best Barbacoa

1. Come to Papi's

There’s two Papi’s so pick the closest one to you! Find your nearest Papi’s!

2. Get your food

Get your barbacoa, menudo, and tamales! Don’t forget your FREE BEANS!

3. Enjoy!

Enjoy the best barbacoa in San Antonio with your family!


Come to Papi’s Today for the Best Barbacoa in San Antonio!